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Thursday, January 17th, 2008

Italicizing or underlining phrases in an Ad description will serve to emphasize a certain point. It will definitely draw eyes to it and make people take notice. Adding a hyperlink to your Ad body will increase the rate of click-through. However, not all classified advertising sites provide that function.

“Having the ability to format your Ad description will bring out your selling point, and having hyperlinks will increase traffic back to your site,” says COO Mr. Tang Chin Yong. “We had feedback from our users, and also requests for this feature. Hence our engineers got right to implementing it.”

It is very simple to utilize this feature. At Page 2 of the Ad posting process, type in your Ad description. Highlight those words or phrases which you would like to have italicized, bold or underlined, and hit the “I”, “B” or “U” button respectively.

To add a hyperlink to your Ad description, simply highlight the words or phrases you want to have hyperlinked, and click on the button that looks like a chain link. Add your desired URL in the popup window, and complete the other options as well to provide more information about that link. To remove a hyperlink, highlight the link and click on the button that looks like a broken chain link.

To undo or redo any changes, simply click on the arrow that points to the left or right respectively.

“We believe that this feature will definitely be beneficial to our users’ Ads and improve click-through rates and traffic for them,” says Mr. Tang.

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