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Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

Live Help!
There is no better customer service than those received immediately. Immediate customer service not only answers any questions that any customer might have, but gives customers the feeling that their questions and opinions matter, that they matter.

“All our users are important to us. And we would like to answer all their questions as quickly as we can, and help them get started with their advertising campaign,” says Chief Executive Officer, William V.L. “We strongly believe that with this feature, we will go one step further from competition, and succeed in providing the best advertising experience for any user.” 

To use Live Help!, all the user has to do is visit the contact us page and look for the blue “Live Help!” button, and click on it. A window will pop out, where the user has to input his/her name. Once a customer service operator has been connected, the interface is just like any other Instant Messaging (IM) software. To end the chat, just click on the “Exit” button.

“Nothing beats having your queries answered immediately. And we at strive to provide the best customer service available.”